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Do you know how to polish mechanically

time:2020-07-20Views:1354 Author:Best Seiko

In the article "What are the polishing methods for stainless steel polishing", we learned that there are several polishing methods for stainless steel polishing, such as mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing, ultrasonic polishing, fluid polishing, and magnetic abrasive polishing. For high-quality polishing effects, it is important to have high-quality polishing tools and auxiliary products such as oilstone, sandpaper and diamond paste. The choice of polishing procedure depends on the surface condition after pre-processing, such as machining, EDM, grinding and so on. The following is a brief introduction to the basic procedures of mechanical polishing by the editor of Best Precision: 1. Rough polishing: The surface after milling, EDM, grinding, etc. can choose a rotating surface polisher or ultrasonic with a speed of 35 000-40 000 rpm The grinder performs polishing. The method commonly used by metal powder injection molding manufacturers is to use wheels with a diameter of Φ 3mm and WA # 400 to remove the white spark layer. Then there is manual whetstone grinding, and the strips of whetstone are added with kerosene as a lubricant or coolant. The general order of use is #180 ~ #240 ~ #320 ~ #400 ~ #600 ~ #800 ~ #1000. In order to save time, Dahong New Materials chose to start with #400. 2. Semi-precision polishing: semi-precision polishing mainly uses sandpaper and kerosene. The numbers of sandpaper are: #400 ~ #600 ~ #800 ~ #1000 ~ #1200 ~ #1500. In fact #1500 sandpaper only uses die steel suitable for hardening (above 52HRC), not pre-hardened steel, because this may cause surface burning of pre-hardened steel. 3. Fine polishing: diamond grinding paste is mainly used for fine polishing. If Best Seiko uses a polishing cloth wheel mixed with diamond abrasive powder or abrasive paste for grinding, the usual grinding order is 9 μ m (#1800) ~ 6 μ m (#3000) ~ 3 μ m (#8000 ). 9 μm diamond abrasive paste and polishing cloth wheels can be used to remove hair-like wear marks left by #1200 and #1500 sandpaper. Then use sticky felt and diamond paste for polishing, the order is 1 μ m (#14000) ~ 1/2 μ m (#60000) ~ 1/4 μ m (#100000 ). Best Precision recommends that the polishing process with an accuracy requirement of 1 μm or more (including 1 μm) can be carried out in a clean polishing room in the mold processing workshop. For more precise polishing, a clean space is necessary. Dust, smoke, dandruff and saliva can all scrap the high-precision polished surface obtained after hours of work.
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