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The powder metallurgy materials selected by the standard method are good

time:2024-06-21Views:1381 Author:Best Seiko

Powder metallurgy is a process technology for preparing metal powder or using metal powder (or a mixture of metal powder and non-metal powder) as raw materials, forming and sintering, to produce metal materials, composite materials and various types of products. There are certain standards for the selection of powder metallurgy. Next, the editor of Best Precision will introduce the selection criteria for powder metallurgy in detail: 1. Part size: The size of powder metallurgy parts is limited to the compression of powder and molding presses. . Best Precision found that for general steel powder metallurgical materials, the following specifications can be prepared: the projected area is less than 32,000 ram. 2. The diameter is less than 175mm or less than 300ram (large hole parts); MIM technical experts found that if the product is designed to use non-ferrous metal materials, the projected area can be increased by 50%. 2 Part of the shape: the geometric shape of the part should be suitable for the uniaxial vertical direction Compression exercise. Undercuts and recesses or threads are usually formed in subsequent machining or machining. Best Precision reminds everyone that when the cross section of powder metallurgy parts changes, the molds in the forming press need to have different actions. There are only five worktables for these restricted parts, but it is possible to add small changes in the length direction (table) of the parts through the mold design. When the length of the powder metallurgy part is greater than 25.4mm, the density will be different from the top (density) to the middle (low density). 3. Part number: Metal powder injection molding manufacturers should discuss the feasibility of quantity cost and production order quantity in view of special molds using "hardware". 4. Mechanical/physical performance requirements: Standard 35 provides a wide range of design performance in order to contribute to the selection of suitable materials for most product applications. (6.4-6.9g/cm3) medium-density steel grades can replace cast iron or ordinary carbon steel; high-density grades (7.0-all/focus) are universal alternatives to ductile iron and heat-treated steel. Powder forging and non-porous material systems can usually be used as high Alternative to performance steel. Best Precision found that if the key performance requirements of the part design exceed the standard values listed in the standard, these requirements should be detailed in the engineering drawings. In order to select the performance and cost of good MIM materials and the feasibility of both, it is important to discuss the application of parts with powder metallurgy parts manufacturers. In order to avoid unclear or misunderstood concepts, metal powder injection molding manufacturers should meet the following conditions before manufacturing powder metallurgy parts when producing powder metallurgy parts: strength value, brand selection, chemical composition, acceptance test, performance standard value and powder metallurgy The manufacturing process, because these may affect the parts.
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