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The powder metallurgy conference kicked off in Beijing, which brought opportunities for exchanges and cooperation between countries

time:2020-06-30Views:883 Author:Best Seiko

On September 17, the World Powder Metallurgy Conference 2018 (WORLDPM2018) opened in Beijing. The theme of this conference is to build a high-end platform, strengthen industry exchanges, share new achievements, and achieve win-win cooperation. According to reports, this is the 27th international conference since the first conference in 1965, and is a very high-level conference in the world of powder metallurgy. China is holding this highly anticipated world powder metallurgy conference for the first time. It is jointly hosted by the Powder Metallurgical Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance (CPMA) and the Chinese Metal Society (CSM), attracting from Sweden, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany, France More than 1,000 experts and scholars from 32 countries and regions including the UK, Italy, India, Russia, Australia, China and Taiwan industries gathered in Beijing to discuss the new progress and development strategies of powder metallurgy science, technology and engineering in the world. The convening of this conference has played an active role in strengthening the exchange and cooperation between the powder metallurgy industries of all countries in the world and promoting the development of the global powder metallurgy industry. Powder metallurgy technology is globally recognized as a green, efficient, low-carbon, and sustainable manufacturing technology. It is increasingly valued by the manufacturing and governments of countries around the world, and occupies a very important position in the economic development of various countries. Powder metallurgy technology and products play an irreplaceable and important role in industries such as defense military industry, energy transportation, electric vehicles, high-end equipment, petroleum and petrochemicals, new generation electronic components, chip components and new medical devices. Now nanotechnology, additive manufacturing technology and injection molding have also entered the emerging field of powder metallurgy. After decades of development, China's powder metallurgy technology and industry have achieved breakthroughs and achievements that have attracted worldwide attention, and have made important contributions to the development of the national economy and defense military industry. The convening of the World Powder Metallurgy Global Summit will drive China's powder metallurgy industry into a world-wide development trend of powder metallurgy with a more forward-looking vision, a more open mind, and deeper cooperation. This conference will also strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of powder metallurgy among the countries of the world, and promote the global powder metallurgy industry to achieve win-win cooperation and coordinated development at a higher quality and higher level. I believe that with the power of technological innovation and the charm of new materials and new processes, powder metallurgy technology will create a new chapter in the better life of people all over the world!
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