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Powder metallurgy has important technical and economic significance in automobile manufacturing

time:2023-10-11Views:1490 Author:Best Seiko

At present, powder metallurgy has been recognized by the industry as a green and sustainable manufacturing technology. Powder metallurgy has sustainable functions, material sustainability, energy sustainability, equipment sustainability, environmental sustainability, sustainable employment, sustainable value advantages, etc. Shenzhen Best Precision Industry Co., Ltd. talked about the production development and status of powder metallurgy auto parts. The powder metallurgy parts used in automobile manufacturing are mainly sintered metal oil-bearing bearings and powder metallurgy structural parts. The former is mainly produced by 90Cu-10Sn bronze, and the latter is basically Made from iron powder as the basic raw material. A powder metallurgy 64-tooth power take-off drives a powder metallurgy micro gear, which saves about 40% of the cost compared to parts cut from steel, and the teeth of the powder metallurgy micro gear do not require subsequent processing; a powder metallurgy automobile manual transmission synchronizer ring Compared with the conventionally produced synchronizer rings, the cost can be reduced by 38%; a powder metallurgy compound planetary powder metallurgy micro-gear carrier, its ultimate strength is 40% higher than that of cast iron cutting parts, and the cost is reduced by more than 35%. From the above content, Shenzhen Best Precision Industry Co., Ltd. knows that powder metallurgy parts can not only replace cast iron parts, forged steel parts, and cutting parts, save labor, materials, and energy, reduce production costs, but also reduce the weight of parts, which is conducive to the weight reduction of automobiles. More importantly, the development of powder metallurgy composite parts indicates that some parts can only be manufactured with powder metallurgy technology, which has important technical and economic significance. Shenzhen Best Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a diversified technology company integrating metal injection molding, metal, ceramic 3D printing, and metal jewelry development and production. Best Precision has reached a strategic cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign feeding companies (Kadem Feeding) and BSF for MIM product development and production, mainly for metal powder injection molding, metal powder injection molding, powder injection molding, powder injection molding, Metal 3D printing wire, metal powder injection molding factory, metal powder injection molding factory, powder injection molding factory, powder injection molding factory, MIM process, MIM processing, MIM factory to provide customers in various industries around the world with large quantities, high quality and reasonable MIM products at a price. The company has assembled a team of senior experts in technology, management and market development in the industry, adhering to many years of MIM technology experience and industrial production operation experience, with internationally mature MIM technology, efficient supply chain management and rapid and effective large Large-scale manufacturing capabilities provide customers with a one-stop solution from the preliminary design, sample development and mass production of MIM products.
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