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The metal powder injection molding industry will become the main industry

time:2020-06-18Views:1416 Author:Best Seiko

Metal powder metallurgy injection molding (MIM) technology is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary product that integrates plastic molding technology, polymer chemistry, powder metallurgy technology and metal materials science. The mold can be used to inject blanks and quickly manufacture high The structural parts with density, high precision and three-dimensional complex shape can quickly and accurately materialize the design ideas into products with certain structure and functional characteristics, and can directly mass produce parts, which is a new change in the manufacturing technology industry. The following is introduced by Shenzhen Best Editor about the future development direction of metal powder injection molding. Global metal powder injection molding manufacturers are still not large in scale, but they have hardly been greatly affected by the economic crisis, but have risen steadily. In Europe, its main application areas are MIM automotive parts, such as powder metallurgy micro gears, powder metallurgy small modulus gears, North America is mainly focused on MIM medical devices, and Asia is mainly MIM smart wear, such as MIM smart wear bracelet, MIM Smart wearable electronic watch. In the future, the development of metal powder injection molding will mainly focus on materials and design, and use the advantages of MIM technology to help customers improve product design and reduce costs, thereby expanding the application field of metal powder injection molding. Compared with the traditional process, the metal powder injection molding (MIM) technology has the characteristics of high precision, uniform organization, excellent performance, and low production cost. Its products are widely used in MIM mobile phone accessories, MIM smart wear, MIM auto parts, MIM ceramics Watch cases, MIM communications medical, office equipment, machinery, sports equipment, watch industry, weapons and aerospace and other industrial fields. Therefore, it is widely believed that the development of this technology will lead to a revolution in parts forming and processing technology, known as "the most popular part forming technology today" and "21st century forming technology".
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