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WTO joins the powder metallurgy market and wins new opportunities

time:2020-05-29Views:1481 Author:Best Seiko

With my country's accession to the WTO, the market has gradually become internationalized, and the powder metallurgy market has been further expanded. At the same time, with the entry of foreign capital and technology, powder metallurgy and related technical levels will also be improved and developed. Nowadays, the application scope of gear molds in the powder metallurgy gear market generally includes three major aspects: plastic gear molds, powder metallurgy micro gear molds and precision forged bevel gear molds. Among them, the demand for molds for powder metallurgy micro gears is very large. At present, the development of gear molds in China is still in its infancy, and most of the powder metallurgy micro gears with small and medium modules are processed with molds. Due to the deformation and shrinkage during the processing of powder metallurgy micro gears, domestic research on this is not yet in-depth Therefore, the change rule of precision after shrinking becomes one of the main reasons restricting the development of powder metallurgy micro gold gear mold. Although powder metallurgy micro-gears are difficult to count separately in the whole powder metallurgy parts, no matter by weight or number of parts, the proportion of powder metallurgy micro-gears in cars and motorcycles is much larger than that in other fields . Therefore, it can be seen from the increase in the proportion of automobiles and motorcycles in the whole powder metallurgy parts that the powder metallurgy micro gears are in a position of rapid development in the whole powder metallurgy parts. The 2016-2021 China Powder Metallurgy Miniature Gold Gear Industry Market Supply and Demand Forecast In-depth Research Report shows that gears do not look impressive, but they are an important part of industrial equipment. my country's gear industry is basically composed of three parts, namely industrial gear, vehicle gear and gear equipment. Among them, the market share of vehicle gears has reached 60%; industrial gears are composed of industrial general-purpose, special-purpose, and special-purpose gears, and their market shares are 18%, 12%, and 8%, respectively; gear equipment accounts for 2% of the market share. During the tenth five-year period, the total output value of the gear industry increased from 25 billion yuan to 50 billion yuan, with an average growth rate close to 20%, doubling in five years, ranking fourth in the world, with more than 50 companies with sales of more than 100 million yuan, and the industry concentration is obvious improve. At present, among the five major products, hundreds of series, and thousands of products in the gear industry, a large number of products with international advanced level appear. In 2006, the annual output value of the gear industry was 59 billion yuan, of which vehicle gears accounted for up to 2/3. The driving force of the automobile industry is an important support for the development of gear molds. Shenzhen Best Precision Industry Co., Ltd. has learned that the consumption of powder metallurgy micro-gears is very large, and each car has more than 20 gears of different sizes. Automobile gears are mostly made of gear steel 20CRMNTI. Only a small number of high-end car transmission gears are made of stainless steel, so gear steel grows synchronously with automobiles, ships, and construction machinery. In addition, the export of electromechanical products drives the demand for gears. In recent years, the export of mechanical and electrical products has increased by more than 30% annually, and the consumption of gears has increased by more than 25%. The market for special and special gear transmissions is also large, such as non-circular gears, powder metallurgy micro gears, powder metallurgy small modulus gears, etc., and the demand for gear steel is also not small. From this point of view, due to the continued release of effective terminal demand during the year, the supporting gear steel market is running smoothly and prices are relatively strong. With the maturity of the gear industry and the continuous development of the downstream gear industry, such as the automotive industry, the output value of China's gear industry in 2006-2010 will be close to 100 billion yuan, ranking second in the world, and fighting for the world from 2011 to 2015. The ranking is guaranteed to be two-for-one. From the above, Shenzhen Best Seiko believes that the domestic gear mold industry can be described as mixed. The good news is that domestic gear mold production has a certain foundation, and the general trend of rapid development of powder metallurgy micro gears will also bring greater market space to gear molds. The worry is that compared to foreign gear molds advanced production There is still a certain gap between the level of domestic production of gear molds, and under the general development trend of the gear industry, especially the plastic gear industry, China's response to market changes is not yet keen enough, and supporting research is a bit difficult to keep up with market demand.
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