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MIM factory will usher in new opportunities

time:2020-05-27Views:1291 Author:Best Seiko

——Remembering the excellent new communist party member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Xu Lei Communist Party member Xu Lei is rigorous and realistic, conscientious and innovative. This is a true portrayal of Xu Lei, a researcher at the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences.  Xu Lei is not only a front-line researcher, but also an excellent Communist Party member. He led the team to break through many technical bottlenecks, presided over the completion of a number of scientific research tasks, and made a series of original achievements in the field of titanium alloy powder metallurgy research.   A few days ago, Xu Lei was awarded the honorary title of "Communist Party Member of the New Era of Science and Technology for the Country" by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. As a Communist Party member, Xu Lei always demands himself strictly according to the standards of Party members. He has played a pioneering role in the study of political theory, scientific and technological research, contact with the masses, and compliance with laws and regulations. With full work enthusiasm, solid work style and excellent work results, it has a good reputation among the employees. Xu Lei told the reporter of China Science Daily: "Last year after I participated in the training course for young cadres organized by the Shenyang Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Jinggangshan, a revolutionary sacred place, I further strengthened my ideal and belief in being a qualified Communist Party member." Xu Lei always treats everyone with the attitude of "being kind to others" and transmits the warmth of the party organization to every colleague in the team through himself. He always said: "Everyone is behind a happy family. The individual's thinking has improved and his attitude is positive, so that the family behind him can be stable and happy." When participating in organizational activities, Xu Lei is always proactive and does not count the gains and losses. The glorious title of "Party" shines on himself. Helping the success of the "Five Five" first flight Xu Lei has long been engaged in the research and development of titanium alloy powder metallurgy alloys and near-net-shape products. In his daily work, he attaches importance to the exemplary role of party members and pioneers, and through unremitting efforts to successfully break through the key to powder metallurgy hydrogen pump impellers Technology has made important contributions to the successful first flight of the "Five Years". The Ti-5Al-2.5Sn ELI hydrogen pump impeller is a key component of liquid hydrogen liquid oxygen engine fuel pressurization for high-thrust carrier rockets required for the second phase of the lunar exploration project in my country and future space stations and lunar landing plans. "Casting impellers contain casting defects and frequent accidents during high-speed operation. Powder metallurgy near-net forming technology (also known as powder casting abroad, which is an upgraded version of precision casting) has therefore become a development trend and has been applied in the United States and Europe." Xu Lei told reporters, "This technology was blank in China before, seriously restricting the development of China's aerospace engineering models." In April 2009, the national major project of the powder impeller was officially established, and the metal industry won the competition because of the advantages of the technical solution. As the person in charge of near net forming technology, Xu Lei has overcome three key technologies for the development of powder impellers since 2009.   Xu Lei explained that first of all, by improving the cleanliness of the raw material powder and optimizing the matching of powders of different sizes, we obtained excellent mechanical properties, which laid a solid material performance foundation for ensuring the reliability of the impeller performance. Subsequently, by studying the hot isostatic pressing densification mechanism of titanium alloy powder, we developed the precise size prediction and control technology of near-net-shaped components, so that the consistency of the blade shape size was increased from more than 20% to less than 5%, which met the application requirements for the first time. Technical indicators. Then, in the process of product trial production, process solidification and stability, and small batch production, we continuously developed, improved, and optimized the design of a complete set of powder pretreatment and near-net forming devices, developed relevant technologies, and formed the hydrogen pump impeller for the first time. Manufacturing R&D and small batch production capacity. On November 3, 2016, with the perfect first flight of "Long March 5," the impeller products provided by metal became China's first titanium alloy powder metallurgy rotating part that passed the rocket engine flight assessment, marking China's comprehensive breakthrough in powder metallurgy hydrogen The key technology of pump impeller. The technology will also be used in the larger thrust engines required for the follow-up space station and moon landing programs, and has broad application prospects.   "In the next ten years, we will also have many opportunities to undertake the development tasks of more key components for large-scale transportation. Through experience, we will also have more technical advantages in domestic competition." Xu Lei said. In April 2017, with the approval of the Central Committee, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Defense Science and Industry Bureau, the SASAC, and the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission decided to grant the first flight mission of the "Long March V" launch vehicle to 40 units nationwide "Outstanding Contribution Unit" honorary title, awarded 259 comrades nationwide "Long March 5 carrier rocket first flight mission outstanding contributor" honorary title. Among them, the research team of the Institute of Lightweight and High Strength Alloys of the Institute of Metals was awarded the honorary title of "Outstanding Contribution Unit for the First Flight Mission of the Long March V Carrier Rocket", and became the only unit honored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Honorary title. As the first titanium alloy powder metallurgy rotating part in China's aerospace field, the successful development of the hydrogen pump impeller in charge of Xu Lei marks that the Institute of Metals has expanded the direction of titanium alloy powder metallurgy and has an advantageous position in the country. The promotion and application of other industries and talent training provide good conditions. Promoting powder forming technology MIM factory In the scientific research team led by Xu Lei, more than 70% of the members are party members, and the career establishment staff with a doctorate in the team are all party members. It is a veritable scientific research team led by party members. . Xu Lei always educates party members in his work team: "We must have the spirit of enduring hardships and enjoying the rest. We must contribute more than ordinary people, and use major results to help the country's scientific and technological undertakings develop better and faster. "Under Xu Lei's leadership, the team has undertaken a number of major research projects of national ministries and commissions. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, through continuous technical research, the team possessed a good foundation for the development of Ti-Al intermetallic compounds and broke through a series of key technologies for brittle material powder forming. The team completed the development of powder metallurgy Ti2AlNb low-pressure turbine guide components, overcame the technical difficulties of precise dimensional control and performance consistency control, and delivered several sets of low-pressure turbine guide components. The team applied the technology to aero engines for the first time in the world.   In 2015, Xu Lei's team began to develop key components of my country's new-generation carrier rocket turbo pump unit, including more than a dozen products such as impellers, with a variety of supporting models and material varieties including titanium alloys and high-temperature alloys. In addition, the team of Xu Lei independently developed the near-net forming technology of titanium alloy powder metallurgy, and developed relevant special equipment. It has built a product development and small batch production platform for complex components of titanium alloy powder metallurgy. It is the first domestic implementation of titanium alloy powder metallurgy. One of the units applying isostatic pressure engineering. The development team headed by Xu Lei has become the only development team of my country's aerospace engine powder metallurgy complete products, and the team is also making new explorations in the civil field. Xu Lei told reporters: "Around 2014, our team worked with General Motors of the United States on a project-powder metallurgy titanium aluminum alloy automobile connecting rod, and also cooperated with Airbus to complete the additive manufacturing of lean powder and wire. Project."   At present, the development of domestic powder metallurgy technology has just started, and users and design units gradually realize the characteristics and advantages of this new process. Xu Lei also pointed out: "At present, the bottleneck in the development of powder metallurgy near-net forming technology is the lack of a systematic professional mold design and densification simulation prediction team. The prediction of accurate size often depends on experience, resulting in relatively low efficiency and high cost. Overall In view of this, these difficulties and technical bottlenecks are expected to be broken in the future because the technology has good prospects for promotion and application."

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