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MIM smart wearable devices will occupy most of the future

time:2023-08-11Views:1362 Author:Best Seiko

Apple has announced that it will release the Apple Watch in the not-too-distant future, which seems to ignite the spark of the MIM smart wearable device market; moreover, the MIM smart wearable device is moving forward with each passing day, becoming more and more beautiful This year, we may also see MIM smart wearable products built specifically for female consumers. At the same time, fitness tracking MIM smart wearable devices are becoming more and more technical. Now, the price of heart rate monitoring equipment and more accurate sensors is quite low. However, wristband-type MIM smart wearable devices and smart glasses will not be the only MIM smart wearable devices worth looking forward to this year. Smart jewelry and smart clothing are getting more and more attention. Although many MIM smart wearable products will still focus on fitness functions, high-end fashion companies will also join in. A few years ago, no one knew what MIM smart wearable devices were. For consumers, there was no such device. However, looking forward to now, MIM smart wearable devices will be everywhere. We have seen smart watches and sports wristbands popping up like mushrooms. Although most of the previously available MIM smart wearable devices are not very good-looking, leaders such as Asus ZenWatch, Motorola Moto 360, and LG G Watch R have already demonstrated that smart watches are developing in a trendy fashion. No matter how you look at it, MIM smart wearable devices have gradually become the climate, and they will become as popular and practical as smart phones. The following are the five important development trends of the MIM smart wearable device market: 1. Fashion glasses will not only look cool, they will become more intelligent Google Glass may be hated by San Francisco bar guests and non-tech circles, But it is undeniable that the rise of the smart glasses wave has contributed to the search giant. Although Google Glass encountered many setbacks, it did not discourage other manufacturers. Sony, Vuzix and many other manufacturers have launched or are developing MIM smart wearable devices such as smart glasses. Although most of these devices are not very exquisite, smart glasses have begun to make people look more and more pleasing. Google Glass is equipped with stylish frames, some of them by the famous fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg (Diane von Furstenberg). The Japanese company's Jins Meme smart glasses look the same as ordinary glasses, but they contain a lot of technology. Meme can even monitor your alertness to prevent you from falling asleep while driving. Jins will be unveiled at the 2015 CES show. I believe there will be many more attractive and fashionable smart glasses coming out in 2015. 2. More and more technology companies will develop smart jewellery but soon after the boom of MIM smart wearables, many crowdfunding projects on smart jewellery have emerged on the Indiegogo and Kickstarter platforms. Many projects such as Ringly, Mota SmartRing and Cuff have completed financing goals, which shows that female consumers may not have a cold for bulky smart watches, but they like the concept of smart jewelry very much. Recently, Intel has also entered the MIM smart wearable market with its MICA smart bracelet. Its MIM smart wearable device is equipped with a lot of functions and the skin and gem decoration of snake skin material. After Intel entered the MIM smart wearable market, some big brands in the field of technology have also started to develop smart jewelry. Even if they fail to do so, small manufacturers such as Ringly, Mota and Cuff will push the smart jewelry market to grow further in 2015. Metal powder injection molding, metal powder injection molding manufacturers, Guangdong MIM technology, Guangdong MIM experts, MIM mobile phone accessories, MIM smart wear, MIM auto parts, MIM ceramic applications, MIM building materials accessories, MIM medical equipment Best Seiko 3. Your clothing More sensors will be built in. Smart clothes are just synonymous with high-tech equipment. There is no doubt that nal, HexoSkin and Sensoria will continue to launch smart sweatshirts, sports underwear and other smart clothing, and more manufacturers will also enter the field. 3D printed clothing has come out, and many famous fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren's Polo and Victoria Secret have already displayed their smart clothing in high profile. We have already seen built-in LEDs, skirts that change color with the user's mood, clothing made of fiber optics, and clothing that can detect air humidity before it rains. Although these high-tech fashion clothes are a bit strange to consumers, they are a sign of the times. Smart clothing is booming, they will become more attractive in 2015, and I hope they will become more useful at the same time. 4. You will understand more about your body's early sports wristbands and cannot accurately record the number of steps, but now most high-end sports wristbands are developing in the direction of excellence. Many athletes participating in the Olympic Games and their coaches use sports wristbands To improve performance. This is mainly due to the improvement of algorithms, the improvement of sensors and the addition of heart rate monitoring equipment. The recently released Intel Basis Peak smart watch and Microsoft Band can provide detailed fitness and health data, which shows that the golden age of sports wristbands is coming. In addition, the price of low-end wristbands will be cheaper, and even ordinary people can control their physical conditions anytime and anywhere. 5. Models will show the MIM smart wearable devices they actually wear. So far, the target users of MIM smart wearable devices are still male consumers. Most MIM smart wearable device companies just mention women by the way, claiming that their smart watches are “men and women are comfortable”. This is so surprising! So far, this casual MIM smart wearable device for men and women has never been a marketable commodity. However, this situation will change. Now, not only many crowd-funded MIM smart wearable devices will be sold online, but since Apple announced the Apple Watch, it has appeared in Paris Fashion Week, Fashion China Edition and other fashion magazines. Other manufacturers must have noticed that Apple is targeting female consumers in the MIM smart wearable market that most manufacturers ignore. Competitors such as LG, Samsung and Asus will certainly make persistent efforts to launch more attractive MIM smart wearable devices, and they may also launch one or two smart watches made exclusively for women.
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