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Best teaches you how to avoid the defects of MIM in the production of auto parts

time:2020-05-22Views:741 Author:Best Seiko

Auto parts have a series of advantages such as high hardness, high strength, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, plus an important and indispensable material in metal parts. Traditional production methods for auto parts only produce relatively simple product shapes, limiting the scope of application of carbides.   The production process of MIM products is: powder and binder → mixing → granulation → injection molding → degreasing (MIM degreasing furnace) → sintering (MIM sintering furnace) → subsequent processing → molded products. MIM components are produced in the calcium carbide method. Any one of the links is selected. Improper operation control may cause defects to cause cemented carbide parts. So how to avoid such defects?     First, select a pink link. In addition to meeting the basic requirements of particle size distribution and particle size, MIM auto parts also require the purity of the powder to be high. The powder cannot use impurities. If the powder is mixed with elemental sulfur, phosphorus, silicon, etc., during the sintering process, these substances Pores can form, leading to product defects.    Second, the feed production process. Appropriate binder for the metal powder required in the mixing process. When mixing the cemented carbide powder and the binder, the temperature must be strictly controlled during the mixing process to avoid uneven distribution and volatility of the binder, so that the mixing After the material has good rheological properties and viscosity values are made, to avoid defects in future meetings.     Third, the process of forming the green body. This is the key to the production of auto parts to avoid product defects. It is necessary to pay attention to the reasonable control of mold temperature during injection. Feeding volume, injection pressure, holding pressure, holding pressure time, injection speed, etc., can effectively avoid injection of green body defects.    Four, skim links. Green degreasing. If the degreasing furnace is heated too quickly during the degreasing process, it will cause the auto parts to break down. The method of gradually heating up can be used for degreasing.    Fifth, sintered parts. Density, liquid phase sintering, due to its own gravity, the product is prone to deformation. The support device can be suitable for larger size products. Shrinkage equivalent material can be selected as the support plate, and the liquid phase sintering time should be shortened as much as possible.    MIM's complex shapes can be shaped for auto parts products. The problem of defect control needs to be solved. The MIM technology is gradually improved, the metal is gradually expanded in the scope of application, and the development of the entire cemented carbide industry has been promoted.

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