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These are stainless steel metal injection molded parts

time:2020-05-21Views:1320 Author:Best Seiko

Different types of stainless steel are often found in various fields such as plates, pipes, and wires. In recent years, with the advancement of science and technology, the increasingly diversified fields of stainless steel materials that people demand can also be further expanded, especially in the case of stainless steel as a stainless steel part, the main material of complex shape and size miniaturization is its development trend. However, stainless steel is also difficult to process at the same time. Due to its high hardness and strength, it is not suitable for the processing method of producing parts. Therefore, pre-metal injection molding has appeared even until today. Traditional stainless steel with simple shapes has many excellent properties. Precision casting More parts are produced in this way. The dimensional accuracy, surface roughness and shape of stainless steel parts produced in this way are limited, prone to segregation, and trachoma defects. In addition to the precision casting method, you can also die from-conventional powder metallurgy sintering process to produce stainless steel parts, but in the use process produces low concentration parts, large porosity, thereby reducing its mechanical, corrosion resistance and appearance performance, but need to be limited to The mold can only produce simple blanks and simple parts. The metal injection molding process uses fine metal powder micrometers and certain organic binders as injection molding to feed small sizes. The complex-shaped parts of this method have three-dimensional shapes and even some three-dimensional parts can easily achieve large-volume production. The raw materials used by MIM technology for producing stainless steel metal powder injection parts are various types of stainless steel micron fine powder, and the specific binder after mixing and granulation is injection molded parts into the desired shape, after forming the parts Generally, subsequent processing is not required, and the dimensional accuracy can reach ±0.3%-0.5%, and the density can reach more than 95% of the theoretical density. Ignition chambers, inflatable balloon shafts, inflatable balloon pins and other automobiles: in machinery, corrosion resistance and surface appearance, stainless steel metal powder injection parts can use equivalent stainless steel parts, stainless steel metal powder injection common parts are forged parts; aerospace parts, small arms Components, orthodontic intensive care units, surgical instruments, medical gas manifolds, electric toothbrush gears, watch case straps, eyeglass frames, cylinders, etc.; day tweezers, pliers, drills and other tools, as well as some mechanical "D" and " "Cross" and other joints.
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