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Best describes the development and prospects of powder metallurgy in the automotive field

time:2020-05-21Views:1316 Author:Best Seiko

From the perspective of the global powder metallurgy machinery parts industry, the automotive industry is a large sales market for powder metallurgy parts. At the same time, this field is very demanding for powder metallurgy parts technology and quality. In Europe and other regions, the automotive industry's demand for powder metallurgy parts accounts for about 90% of the entire powder metallurgy market. It can be seen from this that the role of powder metallurgy in the automotive industry is very large. In recent years, the powder metallurgy industry has developed rapidly, especially in the automotive industry, aviation and machinery manufacturing industries, which has brought great opportunities for powder metallurgy development. However, at present, my country's powder metallurgy products still lag far behind developed countries. Foreign countries have started to develop powder forged connecting rods, combined sintered camshafts, etc. my country has yet to get involved, and the level of product research and development is wide. Most domestic enterprises are still at the stage of processing maps, and their technological innovation capabilities are poor, and they are basically at the stage of imitation innovation. There is an urgent need to improve the product development management level and product quality level. The average usage of powder metallurgy parts per car in Europe is 14KG, while the average usage in the US is 20KG. In comparison, the average amount of powder metallurgy parts used per car in my country is currently 6KG. Why is there such a reason? It is because the domestic powder metallurgy products can not reach the required performance, so the auto OEM can only choose forged parts and machined parts with higher cost. With the continuous progress of powder metallurgy manufacturing technology, it is believed that the average usage of powder metallurgy parts in my country will become higher and higher in the future. In recent years, the state has paid close attention to environmental protection issues. With the national energy saving, emission reduction and consumption reduction, the introduction of automobile safety and environmental protection policies and regulations, and the development of clean vehicles, it will become a key development trend in the future, which brings new challenges to powder metallurgy products, but also brings great Development Opportunities. At present, powder metallurgy has been recognized by the industry as a green and sustainable manufacturing technology. In general, powder metallurgy produces finished parts after sintering, which can be packaged and delivered. In most cases, the cutting oil used to process powder metallurgy products is negligible, and the toxic pollutants released by pollution sources such as cooling water are also very few. Compared with other manufacturing processes, the powder metallurgy parts industry is almost harmless to the environment. Due to the cost of powder metallurgy products and environmental protection advantages, with the further growth of China's auto industry sales and the increase in the use of automotive powder metallurgy parts and bicycles, the powder metallurgy market has very good development prospects in the automotive field.

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