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Best metal injection molding MIM feeds new adhesive formulation

time:2023-08-18Views:1638 Author:Best Seiko

The new MIM feed does not require an extraction process, can be directly heated after continuous degreasing and sintering is completed, the feed is a wax-based system, the product is easy to inject, high green strength, dimensional stability, and high surface finish Vacuum furnace, the ratio of binder to metal powder can be adjusted at any time. In the 160℃--195℃ injection temperature, the organic degreasing process does not use organic solvents and catalyst gas degreasing process, using a heated degreasing process, is an environmentally friendly adhesive, no waste pollution. In powder metallurgy injection, the heating degreasing and sintering time is greatly reduced to obtain a defect-free product, especially if the wall thickness of the thick body injection can obtain a satisfactory product in a short time. It can save the degreasing solvent or degreasing degreased by the catalytic method. The degreasing and sintering stretching is completed, which significantly shortens the production cycle, and does not produce degreasing and swelling and cracking when injected in the body. According to the structure of the product, the conventional wall thickness suitable for raising products of 7 mm or less can be made as the following product wall thickness of 15 mm. For products sintered in an inert gas atmosphere, the sintering process: it takes about 23 hours from the degreased sintered product to a wall thickness of 7 mm or less, and the feed system can basically replace the POM plastic base material. Shenzhen Best Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a diversified technology company integrating metal injection molding, metal, ceramic 3D printing, and metal jewelry development and production. Best Precision has reached a strategic cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign feeding companies (Kadem Feeding) and BSF for MIM product development and production, mainly for metal powder injection molding, metal powder injection molding, powder injection molding, powder injection molding, Metal 3D printing wire, metal powder injection molding factory, metal powder injection molding factory, powder injection molding factory, powder injection molding factory, MIM process, MIM processing, MIM factory to provide customers in various industries around the world with large quantities, high quality and reasonable MIM products at a price. The company has assembled a team of senior experts in technology, management and market development in the industry, adhering to many years of MIM technology experience and industrial production operation experience, with internationally mature MIM technology, efficient supply chain management and rapid and effective large Large-scale manufacturing capabilities provide customers with a one-stop solution from the preliminary design, sample development and mass production of MIM products.
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