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The characteristics of MIM powder injection molding have these

time:2020-05-18Views:648 Author:Best Seiko

There are many characteristics of powder injection molding, such as particle size, surface area, shape, etc. When selecting powder, the main characteristics must be selected according to its use as specifications. For example, in the production of catalysts, the surface area of powder injection molding should be a very important feature; when making thin-walled MIM bells or micro-injection molding (micro-injection molding) workpieces, fine powder is more suitable because it can be used at the same thickness Accommodating more powders can increase the friction between the powders, so that the thin walls are not prone to defects such as underfill or deformation, so the particle size of powder injection molding should be a very important specification; for bells with complex shapes, use Powders with irregular shapes are more likely to have mechanical interlocking effects, making the embryo body less deformable during degreasing and sintering. At this time, the shape of powder injection molding is relatively important; for example, in the production of high-conductivity electrical appliances When it comes to Limbor or vapor chamber with high heat dissipation effect, the most important specification is the purity of copper powder to ensure its thermal conductivity. Therefore, if you want to select the required powder, you must first set the required characteristics and specifications, and then compare it with the data provided by the powder manufacturer, and you must understand the method by which these data are measured, so that you can Find the powder you want, and when you receive the purchased powder and want to accept it, you should also test the key specifications. For more information about MIM, please call us. Shenzhen Best Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a diversified technology company integrating metal injection molding, metal, ceramic 3D printing, and metal jewelry development and production. Best Precision has reached a strategic cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign feeding companies (Kadem Feeding) and BSF for MIM product development and production, mainly for metal powder injection molding, metal powder injection molding, powder injection molding, powder injection molding, Metal 3D printing wire, metal powder injection molding factory, metal powder injection molding factory, powder injection molding factory, powder injection molding factory, MIM process, MIM processing, MIM factory to provide customers in various industries around the world with large quantities, high quality and reasonable MIM products at a price. The company has assembled a team of senior experts in technology, management and market development in the industry, adhering to many years of MIM technology experience and industrial production operation experience, with internationally mature MIM technology, efficient supply chain management and rapid and effective large Large-scale manufacturing capabilities provide customers with a one-stop solution from the preliminary design, sample development and mass production of MIM products.
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