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The industrial scale of powder injection molding process has changed with the market demand

time:2020-05-15Views:1453 Author:Best Seiko

With the large-scale industrialization of MIM process technology, general production equipment in the traditional powder metallurgy and injection molding industries and various specialized metal powder injection molding: industrial production equipment has been widely used in the industrial production of metal powder injection molding. The company's industrial production efficiency and equipment automation, processing continuity and equipment performance requirements have improved the industrialization of metal powder injection molding. The overall development of the MIM industry requires the use of production equipment to improve the production efficiency of enterprises. Correct selection and mastering of various equipment in the MIM production process can improve product quality, output and labor productivity, and accelerate industrial development. At present, the mixing process mainly uses traditional twin planetary mixers, single screw extruders, piston extruders, twin screw extruders, eccentric mixers, z-shaped impeller mixers, etc. Uniformity and high efficiency. The injection process can also draw on traditional injection equipment, such as dual-loop injection molding machine, double-template injection machine, tie-bar-less injection machine, fully automatic injection machine, electromagnetic dynamic injection molding machine, etc., which can better meet the technical requirements of filling. For the degreasing process, because degreasing is an area that has never been involved in the related industry before, the principle is: on the premise of ensuring that the parts obtained by injection molding are not deformed, the various components of the adhesive are used continuously as the temperature increases The principle of physical and chemical changes gradually changes into a gaseous or liquid substance, and is separated from the injection molding blank to achieve the purpose of removing the binder. Therefore, the position of this process in the entire MIM technology is particularly special and important. The parts after degreasing have almost no strength, and slight vibration may damage the parts. At the same time, degreasing and sintering stages are considered to reduce energy waste caused by repeated heating of parts as much as possible. Considering the integration of traditional degreasing, sintering, heat treatment and other single processes into a comprehensive process, this can reduce uncertain factors in production and improve the quality of molded parts , Has greatly improved production efficiency. With the introduction of the integrated process, the concept of continuous sintering equipment was born. In order not to defeat China in the fierce peer competition and occupy the leading position in the international industry, it is very important to actively develop MIM technology, especially to integrate and synthesize the traditional single process to form an effective integrated process , And as soon as possible to carry out research and development of comprehensive Shangyi.
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