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Importance of binder and powder stainless steel feed production and mixing

time:2020-05-09Views:1474 Author:Best Seiko

The production of metal feed is an indispensable part of the metal injection molding industry, because the process technology requires that the injection raw materials must be uniform particles of a certain size, and powder cannot be used directly. Therefore, feed production is very important for the entire industry. At present, most metal feeders have professional suppliers, and some powerful large-scale process users are also actively exploring in the field of feed production, trying to reduce production costs while producing more feeds suitable for their own production needs. Speaking of feed production, mixing is necessary. Mixing is the first step of feed production. It is to coat the surface of metal powder with a layer of binder, so that the composition of metal powder and binder is uniform and consistent. process. People in the industry know that mixing is important for feed production, but not everyone can systematically know which factors will affect the mixing effect. Today, Best will work with you to adjust the ratio of powder and binder and the order of addition. To understand. Why pay attention to the ratio of metal powder to binder? This is because the feeding performance will not be reflected in the mixing process, but will indirectly affect the injection effect and product in the subsequent injection molding process The desired performance. When carrying out mixing, it is necessary to consider the ease of injection molding and the deformation after debonding. First of all, it is necessary to determine a good mix ratio of metal powder and binder. When the ratio of binder is too large, MIM will reduce the viscosity of the feed, so that the contact between the metal powder particles is weakened, resulting in subsequent removal of the binder When the deformation is serious or collapse; when the binder ratio is too small, although the viscosity of the feed increases, it is easy to form voids and not easy to inject, and the product is easy to crack or crack after debonding. For different metal powders, the type of binder selected during mixing is also different, and the ratio is naturally different. Generally, the mass ratio is calculated according to the density of the binder and the powder, and the ratio is adjusted according to this ratio. Some people have also tried to add surfactants in the production of feeds. Experiments have shown that this will reduce the wettability of the binder to the powder, reduce the amount of binder used, and thus increase the loading of metal powder in the metal feed. There are also strict regulations on the order of adding powder and binder during mixing. The order of addition is generally to first add high melting point components to melt, then cool down, add low melting point components, and then add metal powder in batches. This prevents the gasification or decomposition of low-melting-point components, and adding metal powder in batches can prevent the torque from increasing too quickly and the equipment loss. In summary, the important part of metal feed production is mixing, and the main factors affecting the mixing effect are the mixing ratio and addition order of the binder and metal powder, so the scientific mixing and feeding of metal feed production to Important.
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