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Best talks about MIM design features

time:2020-05-07Views:1380 Author:Best Seiko

Today, MIM is widely used in various industries such as automotive, medical, electronics, industrial, and consumer. Products include auto parts, aerospace equipment, mobile phones, dental instruments, electronic radiators and sealed packaging, electronic connector hardware, industrial MIM products such as tools, fiber optic connectors, spray systems, disk drives, medical equipment, hand-held power tools, surgical instruments, and sports equipment usually have the following characteristics: 1. Complexity: MIM is the same as injection molding, and there are no restrictions on shape design. Since MIM is a molding process, additional product features do not increase cost, which makes MIM an ideal way to combine independent parts into multi-functional products. The MIM design rules are very close to injection molding, which makes it suitable for almost all products. 2. Precision: The reference design of MIM net forming accuracy is usually ± 0.5% of the size. Certain characteristics can reach ±0.3% net forming. As with other technologies, the higher the accuracy requirement, the higher the cost. Therefore, it is encouraged to relax the tolerance requirements moderately if the quality permits. Tolerances that MIM cannot achieve in one molding can be achieved with surface treatment. 3. Weight and size: MIM is especially suitable for parts with a weight of less than 100 grams, less than 50 grams is very economical. However, parts weighing up to 250 grams can also be processed. The main cost of the MIM process is raw materials, so MIM uses new technology to reduce the weight of components as much as possible. Like plastic products, the weight of components can be reduced through cores and brackets without affecting product integrity. MIM is outstanding in small and miniature parts, and it is also feasible to weigh less than 0.1 grams. Weight is not a limiting factor, products longer than 250mm can also be processed. 4. Thinning: Wall thickness less than 6 mm is very suitable for MIM. A thicker outer wall is also acceptable, but the cost will increase due to the long processing time and the addition of additional materials. In addition, very thin walls of less than 0.5 mm are also achievable for MIM, but they have high requirements for design. 5. Output: MIM is a more flexible process, and the annual output of thousands to millions can be very economical.地realized. Like casting parts and injection parts, MIM requires customers to invest in mold and tool costs, so for small batches of products, it usually affects cost estimates. 6. Raw materials: MIM can process many materials, including iron alloys, super alloys, titanium alloys, copper alloys, refractory metals, cemented carbides, ceramics and metal matrix composites. Although the non-ferrous alloys aluminum and copper are technically feasible, they are usually processed by other more economical methods, such as die casting or machining.
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