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Best explains the technical difficulties and precautions of the core of metal powder injection molding

time:2020-04-30Views:1414 Author:Best Seiko

Metal powder metallurgy injection molding process is much better than powder compression molding and precision casting due to its dimensional complexity and mass production. So what are the core difficulties of metal powder injection molding? The following Best Editor will give you a brief explanation: First, the interface morphology control during the co-injection process. This problem is relatively simple for two-color and simultaneous co-injection, but two problems are likely to occur in the co-injection molding of core powder. The first is the breakthrough in the metal powder injection molding MIM, and the second is the core shell at different positions of the product. Layer thickness, which affects product performance. Second, after the co-injection is completed, the metal powder injection molding factory needs to combine the two different materials by co-sintering. However, the sintering and shrinking behaviors of the two materials are different, so that the interfacial stress is generated due to the inconsistent shrinkage during the sintering process, which leads to a decrease in the interface bonding strength and, in severe cases, cracking. In summary, the best powder co-injection molding technology provides a completely new idea for the design and development of functional parts, and opens up new product types and markets for the metal powder injection molding industry, which is the future development trend of this industry. However, the development of powder coinjection molding technology needs to solve two main problems: one is the morphology control of the coinjection process, and the other is the compatibility of co-sintering of dissimilar materials. On this basis, MIM technology continuously develops and accumulates MIM material systems and products suitable for co-injection and co-sintering. It is a very important opportunity to obtain the opportunity in future market competition. Shenzhen Best Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a metal injection A diversified technology company integrating molding, metal, ceramic 3D printing and metal jewelry development and production. Best Precision has reached a strategic cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign feeding companies (Kadem Feeding) and BSF for MIM product development and production, mainly for metal powder injection molding, metal powder injection molding, powder injection molding, powder injection molding, Metal 3D printing wire, metal powder injection molding factory, metal powder injection molding factory, powder injection molding factory, powder injection molding factory, MIM process, MIM processing, MIM factory to provide customers in various industries around the world with large quantities, high quality and reasonable MIM products at a price. The company has assembled a team of senior experts in technology, management and market development in the industry, adhering to many years of MIM technology experience and industrial production operation experience, with internationally mature MIM technology, efficient supply chain management and rapid and effective large Large-scale manufacturing capabilities provide customers with a one-stop solution from the preliminary design, sample development and mass production of MIM products.
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