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Six advantages and application fields of MIM process

time:2020-04-21Views:1747 Author:Best Seiko

As a near-net forming technology for manufacturing high-quality precision parts, MIM process technology has advantages unmatched by conventional powder metallurgy, machining and precision casting methods: 1. MIM process structure is not limited: it can be as complex as the production of plastic Metal parts are directly formed, and the structure is not limited; the shapes that plastics can form can be achieved through the MIM process; holes, grooves, indents and depressions can be designed, and threads, knurling, printing, and trademarks can be designed. 2. The mass production of the MIM process is easy: suitable for continuous production in large batches, and products with larger batches are more prominent in process advantages; 3. The physical properties of the MIM process are reliable: the product has a uniform organization and good density, and the density can reach 95% of the theoretical density. 99%; the surface finish of the product is good, and the process can reach Ra1.6 directly. It can also be used for ordinary polishing and mirror polishing when necessary; it can be carburized, quenched, tempered and other heat treatments according to the use; the surface can also be performed when needed Electrophoresis, electroplating (nickel, hard chromium, gold, silver, etc.), vacuum coating and other surface treatments; 4. MIM process quality and precision are high: the product's dimensional accuracy can be +/-0.1~0.5% in one-time molding, and the general accuracy requirements The products can be directly guaranteed, and some parts with high dimensional accuracy can be further improved by additional machining; 5. MIM process material selection is large: stainless steel, soft magnetic alloy, iron-nickel material, tungsten alloy, cemented carbide, tools Steel and other special-purpose alloys can be produced by the MIM process; 6. The cost of the MIM process is significantly reduced: in the case of large-scale and large-scale production of complex structural parts, the cost can be greatly reduced. Application areas of MIM process products such as: computers and auxiliary facilities: such as printer parts, magnetic cores, striker pin, driving parts; tools: such as gun drills, drill chucks, power tools, hand tools, wrenches, etc., milling cutter heads , Nozzles, etc.; household appliances: such as watch cases, bracelets, electric toothbrushes, scissors, fans, golf heads, simulated jewelry, cutter heads and other parts; medical device parts: such as orthodontic frames, scissors, tweezers; military ordnance parts: missiles Tail wing, gun parts, bullets, medicine cover, credit parts; electrical parts: such as micro motor parts, electronic parts, sensor parts, mobile phones, BP machine parts; mechanical parts: such as loose cotton machine, textile machine, sewing machine, Small and complex parts of various types of machinery such as office machinery; automobile and ship parts: such as clutch inner ring, rocker insert, fork sleeve, distributor sleeve, automobile airbag parts, automobile locks; various kinds of special-shaped hard gold for oil field drilling Carbide nozzles, etc.
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